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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TV on WP7 -- A review of SpbTV v2.0

Posted by Don Tolson in "Windows Phone Software" @ 10:00 AM

Product Category: WP7 software
Manufacturer: Spb SoftwareHouse
Where to Buy: WP7 Marketplace
Price: Free! (for now...)
System Requirements: Available for Android, Mac, PC, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. Version reviewed is V2.0 for Windows Phone 7
Specifications: Requires approx. 0.7mb on the device. Requires access to location information and a data service (either via cell phone or WiFi)


  • It's free!;
  • Over 150 channels of programming available, from all over the globe.


  • Slow and requires constant buffering;
  • Sound and action aren't in sync;
  • Most of the channels are community access, religious, or news.

Summary: When I first heard about Spb coming out with a TV app for Windows Phone 7, I was intrigued since I have become quite enamored of non-North American news sites where I find provide a much broader perspective on world events. I was looking forward to streaming video material from beyond my backyard, right at my phone. Unfortunately, I don't think Spb has quite got the hang of WP7 just yet. Let me explain. Read more...

Friday, March 25, 2011

HTC Arrive on Sprint - Comprehensive Review by PhoneArena

Posted by Nelson Ocampo in "HTC Windows Phones" @ 11:00 AM

"Windows Phone 7 launched last fall, but without CDMA support a vast majority of users in the US have yet to be exposed to the complete overhaul of Windows Mobile. This drought has come to the end with the launch of the HTC Arrive for Sprint. Though this is the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 (WP7), it is middle of the pack in terms of features. That said, all WP7 devices are generously spec’d so the Arrive is hardly underpowered. Featured specs include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a crisp 480x800 3.6” display, 16GB of storage and a 5 megapixel camera with flash capable of recording 720p HD video. The HTC Arrive also comes with the latest version of WP7, allowing users to copy and paste. Included with the Arrive you’ll get a 1500mAh battery, microUSB cable and AC wall adapter."

PhoneArena does a great job at explaining the pros and cons of the HTC Arrive. The review is very positive overall, with compliments on the phone's build quality as well as the smooth and snappy operating system.In the beginning of the review, comparisons are made the the HTC Shift because they are similar looking devices from the same manufacturer. PhoneArena concludes that while the HTC Shift is a very solid device, the build quality of the HTC Arrive is superior. The Arrive also offers a screen capable of displaying 16 million colors as opposed to the Shift's 65 thousand.Check out the link for the detailed review. Will you be picking up an Arrive?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LQ Quantum Reviewed

Posted by Adan Galvan in "Windows Phone News" @ 06:00 AM

"We've reviewed a flurry of Windows phones already, like the Optimus 7, the HTC Surround, and the Samsung Focus, but believe it or not there's still a few we have yet to check out. One such example is the LG Quantum, which breaks the trend of pure touchscreen slates in the Windows Phone 7 launch lineup. It's a major bonus to have some differentiation in a selection of samey Windows phones, but it also means there's a lot of pressure on the Quantum to deliver a strong messaging experience."

Unfortunately in this competitive market the LG Quantum has been largely overlooked. This is especially true here in the US where the Samsung Focus, which is also offered through AT&T, is often considered the phone of choice. However, if you looking for a hardware keyboard the LQ Quantum is the only way to go (since the Dell Venue is still MIA). Check out the review and video by following the link below!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

LG Optimus 7 vs. Samsung Focus, Fight!

Posted by Adan Galvan in "Windows Phone News" @ 05:00 AM

Although most of our readers have probably made up their minds when it comes to which Windows Phone they are looking to acquire, some of you may still be on the fence. If you have been considering the Samsung Focus or the LG Optimus 7, you may want to head over to Anandtech and check out the nice comparison they have put together. The phones are compared among many hardware and software features to determine which is deserving of your hard earned dollars. Click the link for the comparison and conclusions. Unfortunately the LG Optimus 7 is not available on any carrier in the US. Have any of you used the phone? Leave your thoughts about the phone in the comments!

Monday, November 15, 2010

ComputerWorld's Review Of Windows Phone 7 Crushing

Posted by Ed Hansberry in "Windows Phone Talk" @ 12:00 PM

ComputerWorld has written a review of Windows Phone 7 pitting it against the iPhone in a number of categories.


It didn't fare so well, but consider that this is a 1.0 release vs a 4.x release for the iPhone. The success of Microsoft's platform is dependant on these deficiencies being overcome through a series of updates in the future.

Tags: review, iphone

Video Review Of Essential Windows Phone 7 Apps

Posted by Ed Hansberry in "Windows Phone Software" @ 08:00 AM

Gizmodo has done a video review of what it considers the essential applications you need on your Windows Phone 7 device.

Right off the top, I'd have to say I fully agree with their recommendation of Flight Control game where you play air traffic control. It was the first app I purchased and I've wasted many hours trying accomplish all of the achievements.

Tags: review, apps

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anandtech Windows Phone 7 Review

Posted by Adan Galvan in "Windows Phone News" @ 05:00 PM

"This isn’t going to be a story about Microsoft’s return to dominance. Nor is it going to be the story of Microsoft’s failure to compete in the smartphone space. These mobile wars have only just begun and despite the advantage enjoyed by Apple and Google, there is no end in sight. In another twelve months we will see fierce competition from HP, Microsoft and Nokia. There’s a lot at stake, and no company is willing to give up the opportunity to own the next-PC market without a hell of a fight. Today is the beginning of Microsoft’s fight."

By now most of the Windows Phone 7 reviews have hit the web, but one more can't hurt. Anandtech has an exhaustive review of the operating system, with lots of great photos to satiate your thirst for Windows Phone 7 news until the US launch next week. Hit the link for the full review.

Tags: review, anandtech

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ars Technica Does Thorough Windows Phone 7 Review

Posted by Ed Hansberry in "Windows Phone Articles & Resources" @ 02:00 PM

"Windows Mobile was a solid performer in the old smartphone world, but it never moved into the new, post-iPhone smartphone world. Windows Mobile 6.5, released in May 2009, was a half-hearted attempt to bring the system up-to-date with a finger-friendly home screen and Start menu-type-thing, but the interface was crudely grafted on and plainly unsatisfactory. This wasn't finger-friendly, consumer-friendly, modern smartphone software, and everyone knew it. It didn't halt Windows Mobile's marketshare slide, much less turn it around. If Microsoft wanted to remain a player in the smartphone market, something would have to change. Windows Phone 7 is that change."

Ars Technica has done a detailed 18 page review of Microsoft's latest foray into the mobile phone space. If you have any questions about the platform, this review is likely to answer it!

Tags: review

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Neowin Reviews Windows Phone 7

Posted by Adan Galvan in "Windows Phone News" @ 08:00 PM

After some of the negative reviews, Neowin steps forward with a refreshingly positive review of Windows Phone 7. Their review provides a thorough but concise overview of the operating system. They enjoyed the hub experience and appreciated how it provided a "seamless and integrated experience for consumers". Ultimately, they felt that Windows Phone 7 will be a success even with Android and iOS as competition. Hit the link for their full review.

Tags: review, neowin

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mossberg Reviews Windows Phone 7

Posted by Ed Hansberry in "Windows Phone Articles & Resources" @ 02:00 PM

"Nearly four years after Apple unveiled the iPhone, and more than two years after Google introduced its first Android smartphone, Microsoft is launching its effort to catch up. On Nov. 8, AT&T and T-Mobile will begin selling the first phones powered by the software maker’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system."
Walt then goes on to lament the fact the OS is lacking common features like copy and paste, though when the iPhone was ommitting that feature for two years, it wasn't a lamented feature. Of course, Microsoft will roll out copy and paste in early 2011 if reports are accurate, but still, it is a point Mr. Mossberg gets to raise. Perhaps more shockingly he uncovered that the new Microsoft platform won't sync with an Apple MobileMe account. This is indeed a travesty as MobileMe is a central hub for all of your data on every smartphone out there, except for Android, WebOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Meego and all other platforms that aren't spelled "iOS."

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Displex display cleaner from

Posted by Don Tolson in "Windows Phone Accessories" @ 07:00 AM

Product Category: Accessories -- Display polish/cleaner
Where to Buy:
Price: Starts at $19.95USD (regularly, but may be on sale...)
Specifications: Comes in a 5g (0.175oz) tube, which should be enough for 8 to 10 screen cleans, depending upon how much you use. Note: this product is only for use on non-coated surfaces and plastics (i.e. the transparent part of the screen. Do not use on the painted portion. The product is non-returnable.


  • Easy to apply;
  • Very gentle abrasive, so unlikely to do damage to the screen on most applications.


  • Regular price is a bit high;
  • You'll need a number of applications to see results;
  • Probably won't remove deeper scratches.


Getting scratches in your screen display is always annoying -- especially when you remind yourself that you had meant to get that screen protector installed, but never got around to it. There are numerous 'old wives tales' about using toothpaste, etc. to remove scratches, but it's definitely better to use a product that is specifically designed for the job. Displex, from WirelessGround, is sold as a display polish. But how good is it at taking out scratches? Let's take a look.


Monday, August 9, 2010

HTC Desk Chargers From Worth It?

Posted by Don Tolson in "Windows Phone Accessories" @ 07:00 AM

Product Category: Phone Accessories
Manufacturer: WirelessGround
Where to Buy: WirelessGround
Price: $49.95USD regular price (check the site -- it may be on sale!)
Specifications: The models I tested were for the AT&T Tilt2 (HTC Touch Pro 2) and the ATT Pure (HTC Touch Diamond 2), but other models are available. Unit is 95mm (3.7in) x 110mm (4.2in) x 48mm (1.8in), and weighs approx. 125g (4.4oz)


  • Solidly built unit with enough weight to keep things stable;
  • Sturdy support for the phone;
  • Built in accessory battery charger.


  • Power/battery status light blinks alternate green/red (annoying) whenever power adapter is used with no accessory battery;
  • ATT Pure version doesn't take into account the USB port cover flap.


If your phone spends a lot of time at the office (home or otherwise), having a desktop charger stand can be a worthwhile investment. Not only does it provide a convenient 'home' for the phone while you're working, but it makes the phone much more useful as a desk tool (clock, next appointment reminder, alarm, etc.) than having it in your pocket. Let's take a look at the integrated desk chargers provided by WirelessGround for two of the HTC phones.


Monday, July 19, 2010

It Isn't An iPhone Clone... WP7 Hits The Web

Posted by Jon Westfall in "Windows Phone News" @ 07:00 AM

"I think Microsoft created an OS that was completely different from all other competitors, and thats was not not an easy task. The whole concept is different. I like it."

The quote and the title come from commenter vinod1978 at Gizmodo, where they have one of several Windows Phone 7 first-looks that you'll see posted around the net (and on here) today. Windows Phone 7 is making a splash out there, and by and large I think comments pointing out it's uniqueness and new way of doing things are a positive sign. Somehow Microsoft has built something no one else has. Let's hope they can capitalize on it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

HP tm2 Laptop Reviewed

Posted by Jason Dunn in "HP Laptops & Netbooks" @ 07:00 AM

This is my review video of the HP tm2 laptop [affiliate] - also known as a tablet PC because of the touch screen, though it's worth pointing out that HP doesn't use that term anymore. My unboxing and first impressions video is here if you haven't already watched it. The exact model I'm reviewing is the 1070ca, on loan to me for a few weeks from HP Canada. The exact model and configuration will change depending on where you are in the world, but the basics are the same. Read more...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

PhoneScoop Reviews The HD2

Posted by Jon Westfall in "HTC Windows Phones" @ 09:00 AM

"The T-Mobile HTC HD2 is the largest touchscreen phone on the market, running Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC's Sense interface concept. If you like Web browsing, showing off photos or watching movies, you'll appreciate the large display. Even buyers considering a tablet, like an Apple iPad, will find plenty of ebook reading and multimedia software on board."

It's a pretty nice review of a pretty crazy cool device, so if you're planning on picking one up, check out Phone Scoop's write-up!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ever Made a Photo Book? Or Wanted To? Then Read This

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Thoughts Media Off Topic" @ 06:00 PM

This is one of those rare network-wide announcements, but if you own a digital camera, you'll probably be interested in this topic: this morning over on Digital Home Thoughts I published an article that was seven months in the making. This article is the single longest piece of writing I've ever published online; it's a gargantuan 15,000 words, has 87 images, and 12 videos. Don't worry, it's easy to read with a jump-list table of contents, and executive summaries in the conclusion.

The topic? It's a photo book review - but not just any photo book review. I was searching for a photo book comparison review, and couldn't find anything that matched the scope I I took it upon myself to write it. It encompasses 12 different photo book companies, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out. So whether you're a photo book expert, or if you've never printed a photo book in your life but think you might like to, I think you'll find this review useful. I'd also appreciate you sharing it with others via Twitter, Facebook, etc., and digging this if you have a Digg account. Thanks everyone!

Review of the Acer neoTouch P300

Posted by Eriq Cook in "Acer Windows Phones" @ 12:30 AM

The Acer neoTouch P300 is a new HSDPA/HSUPA smartphone with slide-out QWERTY keyboard running Windows Mobile 6.5.3. Given the current selection of similar devices already on the market and the release of Windows Phone 7 Series devices around the corner, you have to wonder why Acer would come to the game this late with such a "typical" device with no real features that set it apart from the competition.

With all of that said, PDA-247 has provided a quick review of the P300 (pre-release unit) outlining general hardware and software features. While I'm trying to give the P300 a fair shot, several glaring things I noticed were the odd placement of the Email/SMS and @/.com keys in the bottom center (with the space bar to the left), no dedicated period key, and the slim form factor may be a bit too slim for comfortable use.

The Acer neoTouch P300 is available from select (non U.S.) retailers for approximately £300 ($500 U.S.) this month. For detailed specs visit Acer's official P300 website and/or hit the Read link for the review.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

WMExperts Reviews iPAQ Glisten

Posted by Jon Westfall in "HP Windows Phones" @ 04:30 AM

"HP has produced several Windows Mobile products over the years. From the iPAQ and Jornada PDA's to the iPAQ Windows Mobile phones they have created a bit of history with the Microsoft operating system. HP hopes to continue its strong history with Windows Mobile with the Glisten Announced a few weeks ago, the Glisten is a front-facing QWERTY keyboard, touch screen Windows phone is available through AT&T as well as directly from HP. We had an opportunity to take a pre-production model of the Glisten out for a test drive and found it to a nice phone."

WMExperts has taken a look at the latest iPAQ offering and in the end they like it! For a pretty exhaustive write-up and some nice pictures, take a look at their review!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MobileTechReview Looks at the HTC Touch HD2

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Windows Phone Articles & Resources" @ 06:02 PM

"A video review of HTC's flagship Windows Mobile Touch screen phone, the HD2. This is the first Windows Mobile phone with a capacitive touch screen, and the glass display measures 4.3". The HD2 runs Windows Mobile 6.5 with HTC's Sense UI which is their new version of TouchFLO 3D. It has a 1GHz Snapdragon CPU, 488 megs RAM, a 5 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash, WiFi, Bluetooth and a GPS. This is one of the best smartphones we've seen and is definitely worth a look!"

Lisa Gade from MobileTechReview does a great walk-through of the HTC Touch HD2. I haven't had a chance to shoot mine yet, so until then, enjoy...

Has HTC Overcome the Limitations of Windows Mobile 6.5?

Posted by Jason Dunn in "Windows Phone Articles & Resources" @ 02:07 PM;post-2641

"I understood that Windows Mobile 6.5 was going to be a fairly minor update to bridge the gap between WM 6.1 and 7, but as I stated in my Windows Mobile 6.5 review I found too many things still missing from the update that I expected to see even with this understanding. Given the experiences I had with 6.5, I was expecting the same issues on the HTC HD2. I was pleased to discover that HTC didn't just settle for Windows Mobile 6.5.0 and took it to the next level with several optimizations to make the experience better. There are still a couple of issues I want to see addressed in an update prior to Windows Mobile 7, but HTC did a great job with the HD2 and we may see updates to address these issues too."

Matt Miller has put together a great write-up that talks about the HTC HD2 that he was given at Mobius 2009, and about the latest version of HTC Sense (Touchflo 3D) that covers up even more of Windows Mobile 6.5. HTC has done a really good job of hiding Windows Mobile - perhaps too good of a job. For instance, it took me several days of searching off and on to find the interface panel that would allow me to set how much of an email to download (5KB, 10KB, etc.). HTC hides this part of the interface - I had to access Inbox via the "real" shortcut rather than HTCs covered-up interface. All in all though, I really appreciate the work that HTC has done to make Windows Mobile finger-friendly - their calendar program and new appointment interface is absolutely brilliant.

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